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Hello 2021

Hi There! It is good to be back and creating new works. My youngest went back to school today, so I have the opportunity to plan and get into my design work again. We had a lovely Christmas and new year, albeit a bit quite due to family health, but all is better now.

New Year's Eve farewelled 2020 with a lovely walk with friends around our gorgeous Sydney Harbour.

I have always walked as a daily routine, however I really love finding new walks around Sydney, just like I did when I lived in Singapore a few years ago. Exploring is another way of being creative, like designing - you turn a corner here, follow a path over there and see what happens.

I love to play and create especially with colour. Pantone have released their colour of the year for 2021 or shall we say 2 colours of the year - PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating (a yellow) - the union of the 2 colours is meant to bring "Strength and Positivity". (You can find more details here

Designing with 2 colours has it ups and downs. You need to add depth by using black and white and as mixers, in order to create shades of the 2 colours. Spoonflower created a design challenge incorporating these 2 colours and shades of yellow and grey, along with black and white. The design I submitted "Home in the Kitchen" (far left) inspired another 5 pieces (below) to create a fabric range called "Sunlight", and these designs will be available soon on Spoonflower.

Well I hope 2021 has started well for you too! Take care and till next time xx

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